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Koochikoo makes the world's only organic, sugar-free candies. Our plant-based products are vegan, gluten-free, Kosher OU, free from all common allergens, and low calorie. We're a zero-point snack on Weight Watchers and suitable for most other diets too. Guilt-free treat lovers, rejoice! 

The average American consumes 180 lbs. of sugar each year - three times as much as a century ago. Studies show a strong correlation between sugar consumption and increased rates of diabetes, obesity, and other health problems. Koochikoo was born of this critical need to reduce our reliance on sugar for the health of our bodies and our planet. 

We don't believe in using high-intensity sweeteners like maltitol, stevia, or monk fruit which can cause digestive upset. Koochikoo uses tapioca starch as the base of our candies which provides all the sweetness you need - about 70% as much as cane sugar. For adults with decades of sugar-blasted palates, our candies have a soft sweetness with a honey-like texture. For children... sweet is sweet. Isn't ignorance bliss? 

If you’re sick of sugar and want only the best ingredients for you and your family, you've come to the right place!

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